November 11, 2020

"I am very pleased with the results of my new sidewalk and custom planter/address marker. Cowboy Concrete gave me a great price and created a pathway and planter box to my specifications. I am planning on using them for my next concrete projects."
October 2, 2020

"I had a sidewalk installed in backyard. Armando and his crew did a beautiful job. I am more than pleased. Armando went above and beyond. There were dirt dobbers that kept digging (thinking it was dirt) little pinholes in the concrete before it dried enough that they couldn’t continue to do it. Armando sat there until it dried enough to smooth out there holes. He had to sit for about an hour. They did a wonderful job, I would definitely refer this company."
December 21, 2019

"Many thanks to everyone who had anything to do with the concrete work that was done at 566 Kirnwood Dr. Mrs. Rena C. Thompson who came out and gave me a proposal was very pleasant and she answers my questions about the work to be done. The professional workers that came out and did a wonderful job, I appreciate everything they did. To each and everyone of you- many, many thanks."
October 3, 2019

Big thumbs up!

"5 star. The experience using Cowboy Concrete a local company in my area was extremely pleasant and easy! The quality of the job left me with nothing but pride in the finished product. What a great call I made to this company. Thanks Rena! and thank you to Armando and Miguel. You guys are masters of your trade. Big thumbs up for Cowboy Concrete"
August 2, 2019

Recommended them to my neighbors

"I have hired Cowboy Concrete for multiple residential jobs. Unlike many contractors, they are very prompt, arriving when they predict. I have always been pleased with the work ethic and the finished product. I recommend them to my neighbors for residential work."